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BRACKET A category of racing based on type of vehicle and estimated time. See Brackets .
BREAKOUT A breakout is where a car goes from the starting line to the finish faster than the specified dial-in.  A double breakout occurs when both cars exceed individual dial-ins.  The winner is determined by the vehicle that breakouts by the least amount of time.


An electronic starting device consisting of two sets of staging lights and five larger lights (three amber, one, green, and one red) which are calibrated to display a visual countdown for each driver.  The tree is activated by the starter, and the light sequencing is determined by dial-ins.

DIAL-IN A dial-in is a driver's estimated time (ET) to go from the starting line to the finish line used for setting handicapped lights.
ELAPSED TIME (ET) The time that it will take a car to go from the starting line to the finish line.
FULL-TREE/PRO TREE The difference between a full tree and pro tree is how the amber lights are activated after the double staging lights.  With a full-tree, each amber light comes on in sequence before the green light.

With a pro-tree, all three amber lights come on at the same time before the green light.

HANDICAPPED LIGHT A handicapped light is determined using the driver's estimated times.  The difference in time between two vehicles is used to give the slower car a head start.
HEADS-UP A heads-up race is one-on-one racing with no handicap.
RED LIGHT (FOUL START) When a car leaves the starting line before the green light is activated.

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