How to Build an Amazing Sandcastle

People start dreaming about summer somewhere in the middle of winter. It looks so great to soak up the sun, swim, read a book, play beach volleyball, and of course, build a magnificent sandcastle that you can proudly post on Instagram and show your granny. Do you have enough talent to create something incredible? Well, you should know just a couple of tricks to make your idea work out. So, grab your shovel and start creating your sand masterpiece!

Choose the right beach

The first thing you need to do is to find the best location. It would be better to choose a beach that is usually a little crowded. A crowd, especially a crowd of children, can pose a serious threat to your artwork. And don't forget about sand, of course.

Choose the right day

The rain will spoil all your plans. However, contrary to popular belief, too hot and sunny days are also not the best option. Cloudy days are best for building sandcastles because you will not sweat too much, be able to get pleasure from the process, and your masterpiece will have higher chances to survive.

Prepare the required equipment

If you want to build a perfect sandcastle, you will not do without special equipment. However, the good news is that the chances are high, you have everything you need at home. So, you will need 2 buckets where one will be for mixing water and sand, and another one will be for carrying extra water, a shovel, and some tools for carving small parts and creating shapes on your castle: a shaper, knife, straws, some twigs, and brushes.
Come earlier to choose the best spot
On the day you plan to build your sand masterpiece, get up early, and go to the beach in the morning. It will give you the freedom to choose the right spot as the beach won't be too crowded. Choose a location where the tide will not reach your sandcastle.

Prepare the foundation

Before building the castle, it is necessary to thoroughly clean the construction site. Try to remove all branches, stones, marine debris, and completely level the surface. Then take a bucket of water and pour some water onto your construction site. Tamp the sand with your hands and a shovel or roll it with a bucket. Thus, you will create a solid foundation for the construction of your sculpture.

Start building

Once the foundation is ready, you can finally start building your castle. Well, the first step is to make a huge pile of wet sand. Indeed, creating a sandcastle is very much like the work of a sculptor - you start with a large, shapeless heap, and then give it the desired shape. Don’t be shy to ask for help. And it doesn't matter whether you ask, "Help me with my science homework or help me build my dream castle."

Cut out the details

First, take a shovel and cut the sand into large castle-shaped chunks with walls and towers. Use smaller tools to make fine carvings. Keep in mind that fine carving requires some practical experience, so don't give up if things don't work out as planned. Patience is the most important thing in building a sandcastle!

Add final touches

In the last stage, you can add some wet sand to your sculpture if the art carving didn't help shape all the details. You can also dig a small moat around your castle and pour some water into it. Collect seashells and decorate your fortress with them, giving it a real marine flavor.

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Last Update: 02 November, 2001